creating games games defined by emergent and authentic multiplayer experiences.

A44 Games is an independent video games studio based in Lower Hutt and founded in 2013. Since 2013 the team has grown to over 60 video game developers and the studio is now capable of producing AAA quality video games. 

Our goal is to create games defined by emergent and authentic multiplayer experiences. We are passionate about tight, skill based combat and immersive, captivating worlds.

Our first game is Ashen, a third person action RPG with passive multiplayer, was released on PC and Xbox One in December 2018 and all major platforms in December 2019. We’re currently working on our second video game, which is due to be announced in 2021.

A44 Games is a passionate supporter of Wellington region businesses and we encourage people to reach out if they’re interested to know more around what we’re doing.




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Set in a sprawling open world, Ashen is a tight, 3rd person, skill-based action RPG about guiding your wanderer through a newly lit world. Fight alongside others, forge friendships and defeat the creatures of shadow determined to cast the world back into darkness.

Explore mysterious dungeons, fight epic bosses and explore diverse regions filled with gorgeous vistas and mythical creatures. Meet characters along the way who will join you on your journey and turn your home into a lively town. In this new era of light, you must protect the Ashen and destroy the hungering shadows once and for all.


Mark Hudson, CFO  
Phone: 027 251 2563


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