I love spreadsheets!

I also love helping people use them more efficiently.

  • Do you have paper-based systems in your organisation for quotes or collecting client information?
  • Do you have trouble getting a spreadsheet to do what you want quickly and easily?
  • Do you do the same spreadsheet task repeatedly, each day, week, or month?

If so, I can help. 


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About Us

Having used spreadsheets for many years, I can design and build you a customised spreadsheet that will streamline your processes and save you time and money.

Examples of work I have recently done for clients include: charts that automatically update, a quoting tool, reports that are generated at the push of a button, dashboards that display critical information in an easy to understand format all in one place, and removing the need for manual entry.

I will spend time to understand your requirements and provide you with an obligation free quote. A well-designed spreadsheet to replace a paper-based system or poorly designed spreadsheet will be faster and more accurate. Get in touch today.

I will fully customise a solution to meet your needs.
If you are using spreadsheets regularly, you should be aware that there are many new features in excel that can automatically complete tasks. If you are not aware of the latest features, sign up for some coaching today.

– Grant Baldwin, Custom Spreadsheeet Solutions

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Custom Spreadsheet Solutions

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