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Pertronic Industries designs, manufactures and exports world-leading fire detection and alarm systems from its Lower Hutt headquarters.

Overseas and in New Zealand, Pertronic is setting new standards for fire system performance. Pertronic’s flagship product, the F220 fire panel applied RISC hardware and Linux software to automatic fire detection systems, introducing modern information processing capabilities to fire safety systems.

The Pertronic F220’s large 7 inch LCD colour display unmistakably identifies the panel status: green for normal, red for alarm, orange, yellow, purple, or blue for other conditions. Information is presented in logical, easily-understood lists that simplify debugging and maintenance, minimising installation and operating costs.

Alarm information is presented on the Pertronic F220 in organised formats that are easy to navigate and understand. With an F220, it is quick and simple to find the source of any accidental false alarm. In the event of an emergency, the Pertronic F220 puts critical information right where it is needed.

The Pertronic F220’s modular design, combined with highly adaptable production processes, ensure that each Pertronic F220 is tailored to the unique requirements of each individual project.

Pertronic training and technical support systems ensure direct communication between installation and maintenance contractors and Pertronic factory engineers in Lower Hutt.

The Pertronic F220 fire panel is the system of choice for a growing number of alarm contractors, developers and facility owners in New Zealand and overseas.

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Pertronic Industries Limited

17 Eastern Hutt Road
Lower Hutt 5019
PO Box 35-063
Lower Hutt 5041
Telephone: +64 4 567 3229

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