Seaview Business Association is a voluntary organisation dedicated to the development of the Seaview/Gracefield business district. 

It is a partnership between local government and the business community, with Hutt City Council providing valued support.  We provide support and a voice for businesses in the area while also supporting the Vision Seaview/Gracefield 2030.  We work alongside the Hutt City Council to improve the area as a place to work, and develop networking amongst businesses while realising the opportunities for future development.


About Us

The goals of the Seaview Business Association are to promote the profile of the local industrial/commercial district through regular events; constantly working towards an enhanced physical and working environment in Seaview; and to provide opportunities for local businesses to learn, support and grow from each other.

Seaview Business Association understands that place-based problems and issues demand place-based responses.

For further information please check out our website or call us on 027-603-6421

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