Empowering conversations Pivotal to Closing The Sale

We have specialist training, dedicated to providing you, or your business with the market best of sales training and development.

Tailoring business strategies to meet and exceed KPIs, budgets, and a whole array of other services. Bringing simplicity to complexity, and helping deliver your best you to your customer base. 


A complimentary half hour session with each person who would like some help around their sales, leadership or business.


About jean barr – founder

Jean is a Master Sales Trainer and Master Sales Coach, championing productivity, performance and profit for sales professionals and companies.

Jean has an MBA, Business Management Dip, Sales Dips, Marketing Dip, Adult Education Dip, and Governance Certificate and is an expert in the mindset mastery behind the psychology and neuroscience of sales.

She has trained and coached thousands of individuals and teams locally, nationally and internationally over the last 38 years. She brings simplicity to complexity and believes sales is not about HARD SELL, it’s about empowering conversations which elicit emotional connection SO pivotal to closing the sale.

Jean has led sales training and workshops with a proven success rate of increasing sales by over 30% for over three decades and knows that companies want the reassurance of working with a leading sales training company.

Jean’s key point of difference is focused on the ‘inner game’ of sales. To improve productivity, performance and thereby profit in a business, one needs to not only look at the linear hard skills but also the non linear soft skills, and interweave the two.

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