Upper hutt business safari


21 oCTOBER 2020


Our Upper Hutt safari included a behind the scenes tour of NZCIS, Wallaceville Estate, Lane Street Studios and Brewtown. What a fantastic array of new businesses and site developments across Upper Hutt.

To start our tour we headed to NZCIS. What a great start, with morning tea provided and a presentation from the NZCIS team.

Guests learned first-hand about the one-of-a-kind high-performance sports facility currently being built. This is a massive site with big plans underway to be an internationally recognised training, accommodation and sports centre. It is also set to include the latest sports performance scientific technology.

Next we took a drive through Wallaceville Estate, where over 700 new homes are being built.

This is a huge development in Upper Hutt helping to accommodate a growing population and plenty of opportunity for local employment.

Up next was Lane Street Studios. Currently under construction, this site is set to be the next film industry hub for local and international markets.

Guests heard first hand what the plans are for the site which will generate a huge number of jobs and provide opportunity for international film crews to continue operating, while helping to boost New Zealand’s economy.

Brewtown, the newest entertainment capital of Wellington, was the perfect stop to end our Upper Hutt Business Safari.

Phil Gorman treated guests to a personal tour of each of the breweries. The Daytona Entertainment Centre was next, where guests got up close to the go cart track, bowling, paintball, trampoline park and ice rink. An outdoor events facility is underway next, which will include self-contained catering and a bar for hire and also serve their own in-house events, such as Brew Day and Oktoberfest.

We have some outstanding businesses across our region. These business safaris provide such a fabulous opportunity to meet the people driving new local developments and celebrate our vibrant business community, in a fun and relaxed manner. 

Helen Down, CEO, Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce